About Carpet Binding

Edwards Floor Covering specializes in binding for large area rugs to accent hardwood, laminate or tile floor areas, stair and hallway runners, and carpet base for commercial and residential applications.

Carpet binding refers to a cotton or synthetic based tape that is sewn to the raw edge of a carpet. The binding is attached to the carpet with a sewing machine designed for that purpose. The binding keeps the edge of the carpet from unraveling and helps keep all the threads intact. At Edwards Floor Covering, we stock a large array of colors to match a variety of carpet colors. Need to see a sample? We will be happy to send some.

Carpet binding is used to create attractive area rugs that can be used in many ways: in front of a doorway, under a table, in front of a fireplace, or anywhere a rug can protect existing carpet or be decorative.

Carpet binding is great for remnants left over after having carpet installed in a room.

Carpet (cove) base is carpet cut into strips, usually 4-6". Binding is sewn on one edge, and the strips are placed along the wall, the same as wood baseboards or rubber base. Carpet base has an advantage for housekeeping staffs since it won't mark when hit with a vacuum.

Let Edwards Floor Covering turn your carpet remnants into an attractive throw rug, doormat or car mat. Remnants also make great pet rugs!